COVID-19 continues to threaten the public health. In an effort to reduce transmission of the virus, President Trump declared a National State of Emergency. Likewise the governors of every state in the United States have also declared states of emergency. Congress, state legislators, and municipal leadership have quickly enacted a series of laws aiming to combat the pandemic while supporting those most affected by it. All of this new legislation and regulation has wide ranging effects on all businesses with operations within the States.

The virus has infected more than our population. It has affected every aspect of all of our businesses, as well. Today, business owners may face challenges communicating to their employees, customers and vendors. Some businesses may have interruption insurance coverage triggered by the executive orders. Others may be entitled to a panoply of benefits or subject to a host of obligations under new laws enacted in response to the pandemic, ranging from additional paid sick leave to low cost business loans.

If your clients’ US businesses need help understanding their obligations to employees, communicating with customers or vendors, making a business interruption claim, or accessing benefits to which they may be entitled, please contact us directly to see how we can help. Stay safe and be well.