What We Do

Ehrenstein|Sager is a business law boutique providing bespoke trial and transactional services to select clients.

​We are not merely business litigators. Many lawyers say they go to trial. Most do not. They engage in discovery and motion practice with the aim of settlement. Unlike many lawyers, we actually try business cases before judges, juries and arbitration panels. With three decades of trial practice, Ehrenstein|Sager has the knowledge and skill to effectively try your case. Indeed, our trial prowess facilitates realistic negotiations before trial from a position of strength—often yielding favorable settlements.

AmLaw Litigation Daily  referenced boutique Ehrenstein Sager placing it in the same rarified atmosphere occupied by the biggest and most high-powered law firms in the world.

Our Core Values

We are different than most law firms because our core values are different. Those core values are: the passionate pursuit of justice through humility, hard work, collaboration, innovation and creativity, excellence, culture and balance. In truth, perhaps every law firm would say that it ascribes to these same core values. Yet remarkably few if any law firms actually live up to these standards.


Ehrenstein|Sager is distinguished by the quality and character of its attorneys and staff. That character is humble, unselfish, and “grounded.” We derive great joy from serving others, even under the most trying of circumstances. We recognize that we can best do so by being humble. Humility permits us to understand and to actually hear our clients’ goals and fears. Ehrenstein|Sager’s lawyers and staff strive to be true to this character in their work and their personal lives.


Ehrenstein|Sager attorneys and staff actively collaborate regarding all aspects of our business. By collaborating, we leverage each individual’s unique talents to create a team for our clients that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Innovation and Creativity

Many subscribe to the false assumption that by its very nature, the business of law fosters efficiency in work. According to this wrong assumption, lawyers who can perform more work with less effort are more efficient (and therefore more profitable). Indeed, in many firms, lawyers are incentivized to take on more and more work in an attempt to reach the optimum balance between their time and proficiency. Unfortunately, as a result of this wrongheaded approach, the business of law tends to force lawyers to be reactive rather than deliberative in their practice. We are different. We place a premium value on innovation and creativity in our practice. We recognize that innovation and creativity require attorneys to take the time to actually think through, in detail, every aspect of their cases, and to apply all of the various skills and knowledge available from the rest of the team to derive new angles and original means through which to advocate our clients’ interests.


 Excellent people yield excellence in work product, excellence in work ethic, excellence in collaboration, and excellence in creativity. We are not a factory selling an inventory of widgets. Our only capital is human capital. We seek and retain only excellent people.


Ehrenstein|Sager is imbued with an optimistic, high energy culture. Everyone must be willing to help anyone do anything at any time. Every person in Ehrenstein|Sager is not just encouraged, but required to be respectful and supportive of our clients and every person in the firm—both in the performance of our work and in the pursuit of other interests as well. This not only makes Ehrenstein|Sager a more pleasant place to work, but a stronger firm in the representation of our clients’ interests as well.

Balance Between Work and Other Interests

 Ehrenstein|Sager promotes a balance between work and other interests.We recognize that our work is not (and should not be) the only important thing in our lives. Everyone has obligations and interests outside of their work, and Ehrenstein|Sager encourages and supports each person’s pursuit of those interests and obligations with the same vigor as they pursue their work. While we derive great joy and fulfillment from our hard work, we believe that hard work is not an end to itself.