International Litigation and Arbitration

Miami boasts an incredibly diverse and growing population from around the world. Supported by efficient convenient transportation infrastructure through its ports, Miami flourishes as a hotbed of international commerce for all manner of goods and services. As Miami’s international prominence continues its meteoric growth, clashing business interests inevitably require representation by sophisticated lawyers with refined judgment in the international context. Supported by its membership in Abacus Worldwide, a global network of attorneys and accountants, Ehrenstein|Sager has the sophistication and judgment to effectively represent clients both right here in South Florida and in the international arena.

For example:
  • The Republic of Angola was sued in federal court for alleged non-payment of $52 Million due under power generation and service agreements. The Plaintiff aggressively attempted to leverage an early and unfavorable resolution by threatening Angola with a prejudgment writs against local assets. Angola hired Ehrenstein|Sager to defend. We obtained critical local knowledge and support in Luanda from Abacus members, providing better geographic coverage and deeper local insight than traditional large law firms. We quickly martialed defenses based on the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and contract terms requiring arbitration of disputes. Based on these defenses, the Plaintiff conceded and voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit.
  • The majority owners of a privatized national cement business in the Dominican Republic tried to squeeze the minority shareholder out of ownership and management. We represented the minority shareholder in litigation (including multiple appeals) across multiple jurisdictions, including the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Spain, and Panama, as well as international arbitration in which the minority shareholder ultimately prevailed. ​

We know how to litigate, try or arbitrate international disputes. If your business is facing international legal challenges, you need Ehrenstein|Sager’s counsel.

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