Shortly after the Wright brothers’ first flight, Miami Beach boasted one of the world’s first flight schools. South Florida’s proud aviation history, with flying boats, the first commercial terminal, and headquarters for several airlines, serves as the foundation for the continued robust development of its aerospace industry, which today accounts for billions in goods and services. Miami International Airport alone generates over $33 billion in business revenue, handling more international freight than any other airport in the United States, and serving 44 million passengers per year.

Not surprisingly, business disputes erupt in South Florida’s (and indeed the nation’s) ever-expanding aerospace industry. Ehrenstein|Sager has the industry knowledge to effectively and strategically represent aerospace stakeholders in the prosecution or defense of these legal disputes.

From original equipment manufacturers to manufacturers operating under parts manufacturing authority, from landing gear to engines, and air frames to avionics, Ehrenstein|Sager attorneys have successfully litigated, arbitrated, and tried all manner of disputes arising within the aerospace industry. For example:

  • When the largest logistics suppliers of overhauled engines faced claims by a national airline for breach of warranties and fraud in the sale of several 747 engines, we asserted counterclaims for the engine supplier and resolved the case with the airline paying the supplier $8 million—100% of the amount due, plus legal fees.
  • For a major supplier of military equipment, we obtained an extraordinary preliminary mandatory injunction, requiring a foreign maintenance and repair facility to deliver landing gear for a P-3 Orion sub-hunter that was critical to the national security of a US ally. The injunction not only ensured the foreign government’s capability to defend its territorial water from hostile submarine activity, it also permitted our client to deliver and be paid for the gear it promised.

We know the aerospace industry and its complex and varied legal problems. If your aerospace company is confronting legal challenges, you need Ehrenstein|Sager’s counsel.

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