Real Estate and Construction

The constant boom and bust real estate and construction market in our local area is a breeding ground for disputes. Strong growth and big returns can signal increased volatility and higher risk. Secure deals can crumble as allegiances and opportunities shift to stay ahead of market turbulence. Projects can stall for a lack of skilled workers or lack of capital. And disputes can arise, over quality and performance, over engineering and design, over disagreements between co-owners, financing obstacles, entitlements, and more.

When differences in real estate and construction evolve into lawsuits, industry players seek out Ehrenstein|Sager to protect their interests.

We advocate and try cases for businesses and individuals in this sector—from brokers to sellers or purchasers, owners to lenders, design professionals to developers, and contractors to material-men.

Our martial arts approach to litigation—aggressive pre-trial preparation to identify and evaluate every option available to our clients, and thoughtful agility to adapt our strategy in response to weakness and strengths our opponents reveal over the course of the trial— helps our clients achieve their objectives. For example:

  • We represented a general contractor in an action against a municipality and its surety for wrongful termination of an agreement to build City Hall, resolving the case in favor of the contractor with payment from the municipality and its surety.
  • We co-represented a broker in a joint venture dispute concerning the broker’s financial interest in an urban assemblage. The case involved complex damage models and valuation of ownership of the venture. We argued the valuation issues and assisted in obtaining a favorable outcome for our client.
  • We represented a condominium association against its architect and engineers for windstorm damages. Our client sought damages only for costs of rebuilding and replacing pipes bringing water to rooftop air conditioning chillers. The case settled when a wind load analysis established that building sway during the windstorm caused the pipe damage.

With more than 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of their real estate and construction clients, the lawyers at Ehrenstein|Sager are well positioned to help you meet and overcome legal challenges in this sector

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