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Ehrenstein|Sager is invested in the African continent. Outside of our representation of the Angolan government, we understand the importance of the African continent and respect the dignity of its people. Africa is now home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. African nations and leaders are playing an increasingly significant role in the global economy and politically on the world stage. The population is young and rapidly growing and the African diaspora is spread wide across the planet. With household incomes and consumption projected to rise, many African nations are poised for growth. Digital penetration and mobile access are rapidly increasing among populations from Kenya to South Africa. And governments are making big investments in infrastructure.

From a resource perspective, Africa is a giant:

  • 30% of the world’s mineral reserves
  • 8% of the world’s gas reserves
  • 12% of the world’s oil reserves
  • 40% of the world’s gold
  • 90% of the world’s chromium and platinum
  • 65% of the world’s arable land 
  • 10% of the world’s internal renewable water reserves 

The U.S. should build on the recent launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Still, investments and partnerships must be made in good faith. Because trade and investment are not just about money and prosperity. They also bring and support peace, stability, and security. To realize these gains, African nations must be treated with equal respect. And yet too often African nations have been treated as instruments of other nations’ progress rather than the authors of their own. Time and again they have been told to pick a side in great power contests that feel far removed from the daily struggles of their people.

While the United States should be making big investments in Africa, it should not expect to dictate Africa’s choices. No one should. The right to choose how African countries develop belongs to Africans alone.


At Ehrenstein|Sager, we understand the opportunities, challenges, and strategies, that illustrate the tremendous potential of Africa. We can work within the complex competition between emerging and established powers on the continent and external forces beyond Africa. The potential for trade investment, economic transformation, inclusive prosperity, geopolitical dynamics, and mutual U.S.-Africa interests are massive.

Our work on cases involving African governments and corporate entities is immense. For example:

Ehrenstein|Sager Wins Big in Aenergy, S.A. v. Republic of Angola

We are proud to represent Angola on the international stage. 

On May 23, 2021, Mike Ehrenstein persuaded a U.S. Court in New York to rule that Angola is a suitable forum and to reject the Plaintiffs’ suggestion of Angolan corruption. This huge, landmark decision could pave the way for significantly greater international investment into the Republic of Angola. 

Our win in this case no only reaffirms Angola as a safe place to invest, it also casts a positive light on the American judiciary. Similar cases tried in European and U.K. courts have so frequently ruled against African parties that the accusation of bias becomes hard to refute. In this case, the fairness of an American court demonstrated the superiority of our judicial system. 

Press Mentions from Our Angola Case

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Second Circuit Upholds Ehrenstein|Sager Victory for Angola Against $1B Lawsuit – PAN AFRICAN VISIONS

Why is Angola a Safe Investment?

Angola is a country with a growing population of more than 31 million, divided into 18 provinces, with its capital, Luanda, home to 2.5 million people. Well known for being the second-largest oil producer of the African continent, Angola also has the potential to develop other unrelated industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, power generation, fisheries, and tourism.

The turn of the millennium was good for Angola. Following the end of a long and bloody civil war in 2002, Angola emerged as a relatively stable unitary, presidential constitutional republic. Today, the Government of Angola is focused on economic diversification. They have invested in new technologies and improved infrastructure across their country. 

Infrastructure investments surpass those of most countries. In fact, at the present time, infrastructure is attracting the lion’s share of the Angolan budget. This ranges from business-critical infrastructure such as railways, ports, bridges, roads, and buildings (factories, manufacturing plants) to new technologies in utilities and energy.

Angola also benefits from a young and highly motivated workforce. Angolans are young (around 50% are below the age of 20) and they have a huge appetite for technology. Foreign firms that can invest in growing technology businesses in Angola can do well in the consumer technology sector.

We Represent Angolan Interests in International Law

Our work in Angola in support of Angolan interests goes far beyond government work. Our areas of interest in Angola are fit for those who need an:

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Whether in South Florida or somewhere else in the nation or world, we have experience in legal matters involving the energy sector. Legal practice in the energy industry involves economic, scientific, and engineering issues in a regulatory context.

As an example, energy lawyers may work with companies and public utilities to handle the taxation of energy (such as “extraction taxes”), procure licenses and ownership rights for energy-rich land, and adjudicate regarding these energy rights. Energy law firms also work on disputes between parties in litigation and/or arbitration.

At Ehrenstein|Sager, we understand that global economic growth requires reliable supplies of energy. As both a key underpinning of modern society and a basic consumer good, energy is an inherently challenging and political business. In fact, the push and pull of market forces, government actions, and geopolitical shifts may be more pronounced and widely felt in the energy sector than in many others.

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