Ehrenstein|Sager Wins Big on Behalf of the Country of Angola for the Third Time

We are proud to announce we have secured a historic victory for Angola in a $1.1B power plant suit. This milestone verdict makes it the third ruling recognizing Angola as the appropriate venue for this significant case.
This isn’t just a win, it’s a testament to our steadfast dedication to upholding justice and international law principles. The ruling affirms that “issue preclusion and forum non conveniens prohibit the litigation of this matter in Washington, D.C.”, reinforcing that disputes must be resolved in their proper jurisdictions.
Ehrenstein|Sager has proudly represented Angola, fighting to establish the principle that litigation must take place in the correct forum – in this case, Angola. We’re not only ecstatic about this victory, but we are also honored to help set a precedence that ensures international contracts and dealings are executed with fairness, dignity, and respect for all parties involved.
This is not just a big win for Ehrenstein|Sager, it’s a monumental day for Angola, proving that even smaller nations have a voice and a place in the international legal system. This ruling paves the way for a more equitable global business landscape where no country is denied its rightful jurisdiction due to its size or economic standing.
As we continue to champion for justice in the international realm, we remain committed to our clients and to the power of the law. Together, we are changing the world one case at a time. Contact us today if you have a case that needs a firm that wins big, sovereign cases like this.⚖️
Thank you for your support and for standing with us during this landmark case!
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